Matt Thornton

Multimedia Journalist
Freelance Film Producer
FAA Certified Remote Pilot


I grew up as a rail rider, an east coast skateboarder and snowboarder. Being involved in sports that rely heavily on video content, I was commonly found shooting montages and sponsor-me tapes at the skatepark. This is where I discovered my passion - behind the lens.

In high school I began learning a more practical use for my skill with the junior news team. Being too outgoing for an art degree, and too broke for film school, I continued down the path of journalism and learned the art of documentary storytelling from emmy award-winning producers.


Years later, I was credited with with the Damon Runyon Scholarship Award for Journalism. Now graduated and with a BA in Mass Communications from Colorado Mesa University, my passion for storytelling has led me places I would have never imagined.


From music videos and wedding films to full-length documentaries and commercial advertisement, my ambition has found use in a variety of industries. However no matter what I produced, I always fell back onto what I did best.


Telling the stories of others.



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Tel: (970) 488 - 9049

Based in Grand Junction, Colorado


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